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Plugged In | April 2012

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Inventing History

MIL-DTL 38999 II Connector - Mil connector with printed circuit board and real seal

Mil-DTL image  

ITT's recently engineered MIL-DTL 38999 Series II connector, is a low cost solution that features a contact for a printed circuit board and a rear seal for use in corrosive environments. It was not only designed to be intermateable with standards MTL-DTL 38999 connectors, but also to withstand thermal cycling and exhibit air pressure sealing to a mandatory 5 PSI. Applications include military communications systems, such as portable radios and military vehicle radios.

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Better by Design

Nemesis Series - 50% Lighter. 60% smaller. 100% sealed.

Nemesis image  

ITT's innovative technology has enabled our customers operating in the soldier technology marketplace to achieve a 60% size reduction in equipment while adding functionality. This represents a significant reduction the weight burden upon a soldier. Other key markets include the medical, marine and industrial.

Nemesis Types
  • Water Tight: sealed to IP68, uses micro pin & socket contacts rated to 2,500 cycles
  • High Mating: sealed to IP67, uses pogo contacts rated to 10,000 cycles
  • Super Clean: sealed to IP67, uses pogo contacts rated to 10,000 cycles and has unique patented draw back barrel cleaning feature
  • Space Saver: sealed to IP67, uses pogo contacts rated to 2,500 cycles, ultra low profile and has a unique snap-on/rip-away coupling action (patents pending)
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Reference Library

The recently released catalogs listed below highlight product series features, specifications, accessories and part number generation information. The catalogs are downloadable online and can be ordered from our literature request form.


Mil-DTL 38999

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